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Hey Friends,
I will be performing LIVE on next Tuesday Feb.17th at 8pm for a 1/2 hour. You can watch from the comfort of your home and enjoy the live performance of four talented musicians and two belly dancers, Brandi Mizilca and myself, Logan Labbe. Here is how to do this. You will want to go through the steps now and set up your account and purchase a ticket, because it takes a few minutes and you don’t want to miss it during the show. I hope you may join us, and please help us make this a success by sharing with your friends!
Here is a link to the show:
Step 1: Go to and click “Continue to Site”
Step 2: Watch the “What is Stageit” video
Step 3: Create your FREE user account with log-in info
Step 4: Purchase “Notes” (website credit currency) with your credit card or debit card. When purchasing Notes, there is a five dollar minimum because of transaction fees with credit card companies. This is like buying an iTunes card… You buy a lump sum of credit then use it on multiple purchases within the site. THIS SHOW WILL BE PAY WHATEVER YOU WANT!!! but you have to pay in Notes
Step 5: Click on the event you want to watch. You can find it either on the artist’s profile page (Brandi_Mizilca) under their show listings or on the Home page under “Coming Up Next”. When you click on the show listing, a box will open up that will ask if you want to buy a ticket.
Step 6: Select “Buy Ticket” and enter amount in “Notes” that you are paying. ($1 = 10 Notes)
Step 7: Log in to watch at the scheduled time of show. Shows run in REAL-TIME, so you have to make the showtime to watch it on your computer then!
Step 8: You can chat with the audience and performers in the chat room to the right during showtime.
Step 9: You can tip the performers with additional Notes during the showtime
Step 10: You can win prizes for being our biggest fans!
We really appreciate your support!!!
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