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Classes - Waynesville Wellness: Acupuncture & MassageWaynesville Wellness: Acupuncture & Massage



***If you are interested in Continuing Education classes [CE. EU, PDA] for Acupuncturists or Massage Therapists

please click here.***


Martial Arts Classes

Tai Chi for Health [ Ages 14+]   •  Fridays 1 pm – 2 pm  •  Instructor: Nate Novgrod  •   Cost: $25/month

Tai Chi for Health is focused on promoting good health through Tai Chi. Tai Chi has a slow gentle pace and is often called moving meditation. Tai Chi has been helping people stay healthy for hundreds of years! This class is open to all and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The benefits of Tai Chi on cardiovascular health, balance, mental focus, as well as bone health are well documented. If you want to be more active and get your blood moving come try out out Tai Chi for Health Class.


Tai Chi Chuan [Ages 14+]  •  Tues/Thurs 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm  •  Instructor: Nate Novgrod   •   Cost: $55/month

While Tai Chi is often taught and used for the health benefits alone, it is in fact a martial art. This class explores Tai Chi and its principles as they pertain to its roots in the fighting arts. Still great for your health this class will also work fighting applications to the movements of the Tai Chi form as well as push hands drills. We will work on the 64 Form of Guan Ping Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan as well as the Yang Family Sword Form and the Emperor’s Longfist 36 Forms.


Youth Kung Fu [Ages 6 – 13] • Wednesday 5pm – 6pm • Instructor: Nate Novgrod  •  Cost: $35/month

Traditional Kung Fu and Emperor’s Longfist geared towards kids. Learn basic techniques and forms as well as learning discipline and get some exercise at the same time!


Long Fist Kung Fu [Ages 14+]  •  Tues/Thurs 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm  •  Instructor: Nate Novgrod   •   Cost: $55/month

Long Fist is a generic term for Northern Chinese Martial arts. This class is a combination of Northern Shao Lin Chuan as well as a system called Emperor’s Long Fist. Emperor’s Long Fist is an ancient art started in 960 AD by Emperor Chao Kuan Yin. Chao was a military general who had trained at the famous Shao Lin temple before becoming the emperor. When he was emperor he gathered all the great minds of Chinese martial arts and learned all that he could from them. This system is the result of his life long study of the martial way of life.


Qi Gong [Ages 14+]   •  Tues/Thurs 5 pm – 5:30 pm  •   Instructor: Nate Novgrod   •   Cost: $30/month

Qi Gong is loosely translated as breathing exercises. This class teaches the techniques of the Yi Quan Qi Gong system and provides easy, simple exercises that emphasize mental focus and breathing over physical activity. The movements help you coordinate your breath and focus your mind. Suitable for people of all fitness levels.



Dance Classes

aMuse Ballet Class [Ages 10+]aMuse Ballet Class

Saturdays 1pm – 2pm

Instructor: Logan Novgrod Cost: $10/class, or $35/ 4 Classes, or $60/ 8 Classes

aMuse Ballet cultivates your inner muse through the practice of traditional Vaganova Ballet techniques. We amuse ourselves as we delight in the fun, challenging, and invigorating flow of ballet movement. This class is tailored to adults and is accessible for all levels of fitness and experience. Most of us are not training to audition for the Russian Ballet, so our atmosphere is not competitive and encourages comradery through the art of dance. This class includes stretching, Vaganova Ballet technique training, combinations, movement across the floor, and a gentle cool down. Strengthen your body and your dance technique with us – it will enhance other aspects of your lives including grace, balance, focus, and performance in other dance forms. I utilize some classical and relaxation music, but also feel-good music that is very danceable such as Jack Johnson, Avett Brothers, Black Keys, Aerosmith, Led Zepplin, and a variety of world music. Although the music is not always traditional, our dance technique training IS.

LimberUp Stretch Class [Ages 10+]

Limber Up Stretch Class Waynesville Wellness

Logan Novgrod

 Fridays 6pm -7pm

 Instructor: Logan Novgrod Cost: $10/class, or $35/ 4 Classes, or $60/ 8 Classes

LimberUp Class is all about stretching, lengthening, and promoting flexibility and range of motion as we utilize dance stretches and yoga postures. This class is for anyone and everyone looking to promote wellness in their bodies, improve posture, release stress from the work week, and prevent future injuries. Logan utilizes her knowledge of the muscular system from 18+ years of experience in her massage therapy practice, to help people stretch specific muscle groups and increase their awareness of these muscles. This class is for all levels of flexibility. Come with a willingness to relax, release, and Limber Up!

Live Drum & Body Lyrics Belly Dance

Class [Ages 10+] Mondays  6pm – 7:30 pm • Instructor: Logan Novgrod • Cost: $10/class, or $35/ 4 Classes, or $60/ 8 Classes 

Live Drum & Belly Dance

Logan Novgrod & Charles

Live Drum & Body Lyrics Belly Dance Class is focused on cultivating a well rounded dancer by blending the training of music, dance, and fitness. Live music and dance belong together – even in the classroom! Charles Furtado teaches our dancers Middle Eastern rhythms on a variety of different hand drums including the doumbek, frame drum, djembe, and cajone. Logan Novgrod teaches the techniques of traditional, folkloric, and fusion belly dance in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere. Our class includes in depth flexibility training, dance warm-up combinations, introduction to playing Middle Eastern rhythms on the drum, dance choreography to the rhythms that are played, as well as activities that teach dance improvisation. We accept new students – no experience is necessary. However, even experienced dancers will enjoy and benefit from the drumming lessons, dance technique drills, and improvisation training. There are opportunities to perform, but this is not a mandatory part of this class. Introduction to dancing with props such as veils, fans, zills, fan veils, cane, and sword will be provided periodically.

Group Hoop Fitness Class

Mondays 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm • Instructor: Tiffany Powell • Cost: $10/class, or $35/ 4 Classes, or $60/ 8 Classes

Hula Hoop Fitness

Tiffany Powell

Hula Hooping is a low-impact, high-energy cardio workout that improves core strength and tones muscles in abs, arms, legs, and butt. Hooping burns approx. 400-600 calories an hour. Some studies show you can even burn 100 calories every 10 minutes! Benefits of hooping are not limited to the physical it also relieves stress, improves posture, balance, and flexibility as well as increases coordination and circulation. Hooping calms the mind while centering energy. When hooping your focus is in the moment, your mind is being stimulated through learning new skills, and your mood is enhanced. The benefits of hooping are impressive and as far reaching as to even promote happiness, self-esteem, confidence and libido. There are many testimonies of weight lose, and increased stamina all while having fun including my own.

Yoga Classes

Instructor: Jenny Green • Cost: $10/class


9-10am Vinyasa Flow
An all-level class that unites breath, meditation and asana (poses) to slow the mind and relax the body. We play with inversions and always offer modifications for a slower practice.

Tuesday and Thursday

2:30-3:30pm ~ Level 3 Vinyasa Flow
Challenge your mind and body in this level 3 class. We find adventure in more balancing poses, inversions and arm balances. This is a fast-moving, upbeat class that is sure to build strength, stamina and flexibility!

4:20-5pm~ Stretch and Decompress
Relax into poses and decompress the mind in this slow-moving level 1 class. Perfect for beginners or for a rejuvenating time!


9-10am~ Slow Flow Vinyasa
Begin the day by relaxing the mind and body. This slow-moving class will release any tension from the body. Perfect for anyone who would like to try yoga but is apprehensive.

6-7pm~ Vinyasa Flow
This is an all-level class.  Modifications are offered for a slower practice and suggestions are made for a more intense practice. We combine asana, pranayama and meditation for a whole-body experience!


9-10am~ Vinyasa Flow
An all-level class that unites breath, meditation and asana (poses) to slow the mind and relax the body. We play with inversions and always offer modifications for a slower practice.


10-11am~ Slow Flow Vinyasa
Begin the day by relaxing the mind and body. This slow-moving class will release any tension from the body. Perfect for anyone who would like to try yoga but is apprehensive.

Yoga Waynesville NC

Jenny Green

 Jenny was born and raised in Western North Carolina and has been practicing yoga since 2012. She received her 200 hour teacher training at Asheville Yoga Center in January 2017 and is a registered instructor through Yoga Alliance.

She has found that through the strength and flexibility that yoga builds, she has been able to heal her body and help others discover this beautiful practice. Jenny also incorporates meditation into her practice which creates mental clarity and a calm mind. She hopes to bring all of this to her students while creating a fun atmosphere and a sense of community within her classes.