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Martial Arts Classes

Tai Chi for Health [ Ages 14+]   •  Fridays 1 pm – 2 pm  •  Instructor: Nate Novgrod  •   Cost: $25/month

Tai Chi for Health is focused on promoting good health through Tai Chi. Tai Chi has a slow gentle pace and is often called moving meditation. Tai Chi has been helping people stay healthy for hundreds of years! This class is open to all and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The benefits of Tai Chi on cardiovascular health, balance, mental focus, as well as bone health are well documented. If you want to be more active and get your blood moving come try out out Tai Chi for Health Class.


Tai Chi Chuan [Ages 14+]  •  Tues/Thurs 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm  •  Instructor: Nate Novgrod   •   Cost: $55/month

While Tai Chi is often taught and used for the health benefits alone, it is in fact a martial art. This class explores Tai Chi and its principles as they pertain to its roots in the fighting arts. Still great for your health this class will also work fighting applications to the movements of the Tai Chi form as well as push hands drills. We will work on the 64 Form of Guan Ping Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan as well as the Yang Family Sword Form and the Emperor’s Longfist 36 Forms.


Youth Kung Fu [Ages 6 – 13] • Wednesday 5pm – 6pm • Instructor: Nate Novgrod  •  Cost: $35/month

Traditional Kung Fu and Emperor’s Longfist geared towards kids. Learn basic techniques and forms as well as learning discipline and get some exercise at the same time!


Long Fist Kung Fu [Ages 14+]  •  Tues/Thurs 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm  •  Instructor: Nate Novgrod   •   Cost: $55/month

Long Fist is a generic term for Northern Chinese Martial arts. This class is a combination of Northern Shao Lin Chuan as well as a system called Emperor’s Long Fist. Emperor’s Long Fist is an ancient art started in 960 AD by Emperor Chao Kuan Yin. Chao was a military general who had trained at the famous Shao Lin temple before becoming the emperor. When he was emperor he gathered all the great minds of Chinese martial arts and learned all that he could from them. This system is the result of his life long study of the martial way of life.


Qi Gong [Ages 14+]   •  Tues/Thurs 5 pm – 5:30 pm  •   Instructor: Nate Novgrod   •   Cost: $30/month

Qi Gong is loosely translated as breathing exercises. This class teaches the techniques of the Yi Quan Qi Gong system and provides easy, simple exercises that emphasize mental focus and breathing over physical activity. The movements help you coordinate your breath and focus your mind. Suitable for people of all fitness levels.



Dance Classes 

***Special Offer: $60 / 12 Classes with Stacey or Logan if taking more than one class per week!


Kids’ Creative Movement [Ages 5-12]   •  Minimum Registrations Required [5]  

Instructor: Logan Novgrod Cost: $10/class, or $35 / 4 Classes, or $60 / 8 Classes

Sign Up today by contacting Logan Novgrod at

An exciting opportunity for children to become familiar with dance movement in a fun, safe, and encouraging environment. We incorporate animal stretches, tumbling, games, basic middle eastern dance techniques, and story telling through movement. Children are encouraged to use their imaginations and are given opportunities to express themselves in a caring atmosphere. We utilize world music and props which include veils, fan veils, hula hoops, baskets, wooden swords, etc.

Open to beginners and all fitness levels.

AMuse Ballet Class

Saturdays 1pm – 2pm

Instructor: Logan Novgrod Cost: $10/class, or $35/ 4 Classes, or $60/ 8 Classes

Rise and shine with AMuse Dance Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:15am with Logan Novgrod. The next class is Monday May 9th and ends for this semester with the last class on Wed. May 25th. Then will resume in the fall of 2016 with the first week of school. This class will be in session when school is in session, unless attendance is so overwhelming good that we all want to keep it up through the summer. Don’t forget comfortable, stretchy clothing, socks/soft ballet shoes/or jazz shoes. Before you drop off the children at school, put on your dancing clothes and dance with fun local families at Waynesville Wellness. There are herbal and caffeinated teas, hot water, and cold water to refresh yourselves here! AMuse Dance means it’s early (AM), Amuse means it’s for the pleasure and art of dance – come express and laugh with me, and AMuse also invokes the idea of letting out that inner muse through movement to good music. I will play some classical and relaxation music, but also feel-good music that is very danceable such as Jack Johnson, Avett Brothers, Black Keys, Aerosmith, Led Zepplin, a variety of world music, Ziggy Marley, Beats Antique, etc. Feel free to bring in a song you love on your phone or ipod. We’ll play what we are in the mood for. Ballet, Folkloric Dance, and Hoop Dance. We’ll be warming up with stretching, Vaganova ballet technique warm-ups, combinations, hoop dancing, and a gentle cool down. Invite a friend! Bring your younger children if need be, but understand that if they need supervision it’s your responsibility to keep them safe and not disruptive to the class. There is a small trampoline and hoops they can play with, as well as tumbling mats you can set up with blankets for younger ones.

LimberUp Stretch Class

 Fridays 6pm

 Instructor: Logan Novgrod Cost: $10/class, or $35/ 4 Classes, or $60/ 8 Classes

This class is simply stretching, lengthening, and promoting flexibility and range of motion as we utilize dance stretches and yoga postures. This class is for anyone and everyone looking to promote wellness in their bodies, improve posture, release stress from the work week, and prevent future injuries. Logan utilizes her knowledge of the muscular system from 17+ years of experience in her massage therapy practice, to help people stretch specific muscle groups and increase their awareness of these muscles. This class is for all levels of flexibility. Come with a willingness to relax, release, and Limber Up!

Body Lyrics Belly Dance [Ages 13+]

Mondays  6pm – 7 pm

• Instructor: Logan Novgrod • Cost: $10/class, or $35/ 4 Classes, or $60/ 8 Classes 

Logan Labbe-Jarrell

Logan Labbe-Jarrell

This belly dance class is focused on blending fitness and art by practicing the technique and fundamentals of traditional, tribal, and fusion bellydance in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere. We accept new students – no experience is necessary. However, even experienced dancers will enjoy and benefit from the technical drills and combos. There are opportunities to learn choreography and perform, but this is not a mandatory part of this class. Introduction to dancing with props such as veils, fans, fan veils, cane, and sword will be provided. You will enjoy hearing a variety of traditional music including Eqyptian, Morroccan, Arabian, Turikish, Indian/Bollywood, Middle Eastern, Flamenco, and Eastern European.

Hoop Dance [16+ , 10+ with accompanying adult]

Mondays 5:15 pm • Instructor: Stacey Bumgarner

• Cost: $10/class, or $35/ 4 Classes, or $60/ 8 Classes

Stacey Bumgarner

Stacey Bumgarner

Sweet Circle Hoops offers a fun approach to fitness through practicing the basics of hooping technique, learning stylistic tricks, and infusing dance moves into your movement flow. Stacey Bumgarner is an experienced hoop dancer and performer who has taught young and old and brings an enthusiasm for dance and expression.




Adult Hip Hop Dance Class [Ages 16+] 

Sundays 3pm • Instructor: Kylie Kuehn

• Cost: $10/Class , $50/ 6 Classesuntitled

In this class you will learn different Hip Hop techniques, styles and choreography. Each class will get your body moving and your blood pumping. No experience required. Each class will appeal to those with or without dance experience. Learn to pop and lock, basic breakdance moves, krumping and contemporary/lyrical Hip Hop. This is a dance class but stretching and basic body weight exercises will be included. This class is a great way to have fun, learn and just feel good.

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