Chinese Medicine Treatments with Nate Novgrod:

Acupuncture Treatments: [aka Dry Needling]Acupuncture Needle Chinese Medicine Waynesville NC Old Mountain Health Center

Treatments utilizing the ancient modalities of Acupuncture [inserting fine filiform needles at specific locations to relieve symptoms] as well as Moxibustion [heat therapy], Gua Sha [spoon massage], and Cupping [dermal vacuum]. Acupuncture Treatments also allow time for herbal formulas to be prescribed. Acupuncture Treatments are also offered in combination with 30 minutes of Tui Na [Chinese Massage].



Herbal Consultation:Chinese Herbs Old Mountain Health Center Waynesville NC

A thorough intake and interview will be performed so that an appropriate herbal formula can be prescribed. If an off-the-shelf formula in pill form is deemed appropriate then it will be dispensed at the time of the appointment if it is in stock. If a more personalized bulk [raw herbs] or granule [pre-processed powdered herbs] formula is written it will be ordered/made and available for pickup shortly after the appointment.





Tui Na [Chinese Massage]:Tui Na Chinese Massage Old Mountain Health Center Waynesville NC
30 minute or One hour Tui Na Treatments. Tui Na uses a variety of manual mobilizations and massage techniques to harmonize the body and allow it to heal itself. It is also good for general relaxation of muscle tension as well as treatment of sports injuries, arthritis, and joint pain, muscle spasms, and fibromyalgia.
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Chinese Medicine Fees:

Nate uses a sliding scale system in which the patient is asked to choose what they can realistically afford within a range. The treatment provided will be the same regardless of what you choose to pay within the range. It is simply better for everyone if treatments are not unaffordable as it allows patients to receive enough treatment to feel the benefits. The system is quite flexible and you can change what you are paying at any time.

Acupuncture Treatments: $40 – $80
Acupuncture & Tui Na Massage:$70 – 125
Herbal Consultation: $20 – $40*
Tui Na Massage 30 mins: $30 – $45
Tui Na Massage 60 mins: $60 – $90

*Not including the cost of the herbal formula.